Dr. Xiaoshu Xu ‘LS Parent’

Doctor Xiaoshu Xu is a worldwide well-known expert in the field of laser layered manufacturing. He worked as Technical Director for several American leading laser layered manufacturing companies, including DTM, 3D Systems and Solid Concepts. Dr. Xu dedicates to the technology research of LS industrialized applications, and he is renowned as a “LS parent”. In 2011,Dr. Xu was awarded Dinosaur Award by AMUG, and this prize is for the people who makes significant contribution to the field of LS. In 2012,Dr. Xu was appointed as liaison in Asia Pacific area by AMUG. In 2014, Dr. Xu formed the Additive Manufacturing Technology Research Institute(AMTRI) in the Nansha District of Guangzhou with Varia 3D Managing Director Brian Bauman to advance the field of 3D printing for China and the globe.

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