Selective Laser Sintering Technology

What is laser sintering technology?

LS is a kind of additive manufacturing. Its main feature is to automatically, rapidly, and precisely turn design ideas into real functional parts or prototypes.

LS technology advantages

  1. Convenient and rapid
    Without molds, LS provides a direct line between CAD-model and physical manufacturing. Hence, it shortens the research and design cycle time which on the other hand also saves research and development budget. The RP technology simplifies traditional manufacturing. It cuts down all the modeling, machining, assembling and welding processes, which allows the product to rapidly respond to market demand.
  2. Wide range of applications
    Recently, with the boom of material technology, LS has grown quickly with more and more applicable fields being discovered. LS distinguishes itself from other additive manufacturing technologies. It could be used for censoring product design, parts testing, or small and medium volume finish goods manufacturing.
  3. Low cost
    In small volume production, choosing Selective Laser Sintering has obvious cost advantages compared to traditional manufacturing or other additive manufacturing.


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