Fastest and most affordable open-platform selective laser sintering machines

Whether you are looking for the fastest or the most affordable industrial LS machine in the market, Varia 3D has the right solution for you.  At a promotional price of under $150,000, the Farsoon Technologies FS251P is setting the new industry standard for price/performance. Coupled with top-quality Farsoon Technologies materials, this optimized machine/powder combination gives you the ability to achieve the lowest cost per part in the industry. And if your service bureau or workshop demands the highest performance with industry-leading open platform interfaces, then the SS402P is the clear winner with its best-in-class scan speed, fully unconstrained, customer-configurable parameters and operational freedom. Not to mention total flexibility to use any suitable powder of your choice! (ALM, Evonik, Farsoon Technologies, CRP etc.)

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