Pre-Owned Equipment

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sPro 60

This pre-owned fully upgraded sPro 60 Selective Laser Sintering 3D printer produces true functional thermoplastics with the high resolution, strength, and quality surface finishes.

Producing anything from industrial designs to medical devices to ducting components to patient-specific devices—with this system you break free of the constraints placed on you. Completely autonomous software and hardware, allows you run a variety of materials without restrictions. We also offer materials with the system at a significantly reduced price compared to OEM’s. Varia 3D will fully support you with applications expertise and hardware knowledge gained over the last 25 years.

Upgraded sPro 60 Benefits

  • Digital Pro-Series Scanner Upgrade with 500 IPS “Fill”
  • New Ceramic Eight Zone Heating System “High reliability and thermal control”
  • New front end software interface “ No Special Maintenance Keys”
  • Excellent part resolution, surface finish, and edge definition
  • Open material architecture

Technical Specifications


Build envelope capacity (XYZ): 15 x 13 x 18 in (381 x 330 x 437 mm), 15.2 U.S. gal (57.5 I)
Layer thickness:
0.003 in (Min 0.08 mm)
Max 0.006 in (0.15 mm)
(0.004 in, 0.10 mm)

Build Material:
Farsoon 3300 PA
Farsoon 3400 GF
Farsoon 4200 CoPA

Imaging system: ProSeries II Modular 3-Axis System (Cambridge Technology)
Scanning speed: Up to 500 in/s (12.7 m/s)


Dimensions: 1420mm x 1120mm x 1130mm
(55.9 x 44.1 x 44.5 inch)
Weight: Net 500kg.
Gross (in crate) 580kg
(Net 1102lb. Gross (in crate) 1279lb.)

Volume build rate

Up to 2.4 l/hr