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Offer the highest capability for additive manufacturing solutions.


Selective laser sintering printers from VARIA 3D feature premium additive manufacturing technology using a powerful laser to sinter powdered material built with best-in-class imaging components from leading global suppliers. This technology is primarily used to quickly build temperature resistant thermoplastic functional prototypes and rapid manufacturing parts from plastic powders.

VARIA 3D’s use of best-in class digital scanning systems project a high-powered laser with very precise positioning on the powder bed surface to selectively fuse – at impressive speeds – powdered material in the exact areas required by the 3D CAD file of the part.  The latest dynamic-focusing, high-accuracy digital galvo scanning system with Z-focus constantly adjusts the high-resolution laser beam ensuring a circular shape anywhere on the powder bed surface in order to deliver amazing precision and superior surface quality on all parts, across the entire build platform.

Fundamental in VARIA 3D’ selective laser sintering process is the use of best-class thermal stability provided by an eight-zone heating system.

After each layer is scanned, the powder bed is lowered by the thickness of one layer. A new layer of material is applied on top by a counter-rotating roller evenly spreading the powder from a bi-directional powder feed system with single feed cartridge which reduces the overflow waste. The process is repeated until the part is complete.

Fundamental in VARIA 3D’s selective laser sintering process is the use of best-class thermal stability provided by an eight-zone heating system, combining a piston heater, band heaters and edge heaters with intelligent control technology. This ensures that the manufactured parts have the best mechanical properties, as well as providing repeatability of the process over a wider range of materials.  Since selective laser sintering does not require support structures, the entire build volume can be used during each run allowing for parts to be added on the fly.  Varia 3D provides unique solutions with selective laser sintering including wholesale and contract parts manufacturing.



Functional Parts

Rapid Manufacturing


  • Validation of product design
  • Mechanical, thermal and assembly testing of functional parts
  • Complex, customized design
  • Manufacturing of small or medium volumes of final use goods
  • Architecture and art pieces

With premium plastic selective laser sintering technology from VARIA 3D, you can realize the benefits of our state-of-the-art industrial production capabilities for resistant thermoplastic functional prototypes and rapid manufacturing solutions.


  • No need for support structures
  • Manufacturing of strong, accurate and durable plastic parts
  • Wide range of materials available with good mechanical properties for functional parts applications

High productivity reducing operating cost.

The ProMaker P Series meets industrial needs by offering impressive build rates, supported by its best-in-class digital scanning system, a powerful laser, and largest effective build platform.

High accuracy and precision for all your parts.

The ProMaker P Series printers feature the latest dynamic-focusing, high accuracy digital galvo scanning system. A high-resolution laser beam delivers amazing precision and superior surface quality on all parts across the entire build platform.

Best Thermal stability optimized mechanical properties.

The ProMaker P Series is the most thermally-stable printer range, utilizing an eight-zone heater system and intelligent temperature control technology, providing superior mechanical properties and process repeatability on a wider range of premium materials. VARIA 3D constantly pursues the development of high performance materials and actively seeks industrial and R&D partnerships to explore new materials and applications.

Process high-performance materiales at very high temperatures

The high-temperature-capable configuration of the ProMaker P2000 HT enables the printer to process a wide variety of high-performance materials and opens up new possibilities for advanced research and direct-use applications.